Ssameer is a live singer & a youtube sensation. He along with his band Qasbah reinvents punjabi, sufi-rock, bollywood and retro music. He has also sung songs for movies like ‘Sarhad Paar’, ‘Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi’ etc.The lead vocalist Ssameer talks about the state of art Shure Microphone KSM9 and share his experience with us.


“I am a vocalist with the band Qasbah and like my fellow band members who had their own rig like their pedals etc, i planned to buy my personal microphone that would suit my voice. I have been a live performer for more than 5 years and still didn’t find the perfect microphone which would suit my vocals. Generally, all the other mics lacked clarity at lower pitch and on increasing the high frequency, it would of course result in feedback. 


If you are looking for studio quality vocal condenser microphone quality in live scenario then I would definitely recommend KSM9. It has a perfect dynamic range which gives an even tone to the vocals at high pitch as well as low pitch.  It captures all the grains in your voice very well at a low pitch or as a matter of fact when you whisper on the mic (imagine a condenser mic u use in a studio). It has 2 patters, cardioid and super cardioid. I generally choose super cardioid in small stages as its very sensitive and captures all the sounds from other musician in the cardioid pattern. I would definitely recommend cardioid pattern as it has more open sound but I would only recommend if using in a bigger stage or if all the band members are using In-Ear-Monitors. Personally, I am using the QLXD as the wireless system with my KSM9 and I am very happy with it. The signal is very clean and never found any issues with it. 


Talking about cost, I don’t feel it’s that expensive at a price about 1 Lakh. Other popular microphones like SLX24/SM58 or Sennheiser with 500 series would roughly cost 50-60 Thousand. Talking about the quality, this mic is way above them at a cost almost double so why not go in for the best mic which could be with you for the life time."